General Regulations

Attendance requirements


This is a vital part of the day, during which faculty and students meet for a time of preaching and prayer. It is, in fact, primarily a prayer meeting. Since the focus of the prayer time is for the Lord’s presence and power to be displayed in the day’s activities, it is crucial for all to be present.


Unless hindered by illness or personal crisis, students are expected to attend all class sessions. Students are expected to call the seminary office to give notice of necessary absences.

During an academic term, a student is allowed one credit hour (80 minutes) of unexcused absence per credit. The student must attend class a minimum of 80% of the time to receive credit for the course.

Three tardies in a class will constitute one absence. Tardiness exceeding fifteen minutes will constitute an absence.

General conduct requirements

Since Geneva Reformed Seminary is under the direction of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America, and since students of GRS are prospective ministers and servants of the gospel, retention in the institution for those under care of presbytery requires compliance with both the doctrinal creed and moral stand of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America. Although students who are not under the care of presbytery are not required to affirm every distinctive of the Free Presbyterian creed, they must abide by the same standards of moral conduct, which are set forth in the Scripture. If questions arise concerning what is acceptable conduct, the administration reserves the right to mandate the ethic required for students.

Although the seminary is deeply concerned with the spiritual development of each student and will assist them in their growth in grace, the seminary cannot take the place of the church. Every student is expected to be in attendance and under the spiritual authority of a local church.

A more-detailed statement of the seminary’s expectations for students is in the booklet Student Guidelines. Every student will receive a copy of these guidelines.

Attrition policy

If for whatever reason a student is dismissed by the institution or withdraws and subsequently desires to reenter the seminary, he must resubmit his application to GRS. Students seeking ministry in the Free Presbyterian Church must resubmit applications to the presbytery as well as to the seminary.