Financial Information


  1. Tuition fees per credit hour
    • for students not under care – $150
    • for students under care -$125
  2. Audit fees per hour – $75
  3. Graduation and diploma fee – $50
  4. *Fees are subject to change.

Refund policy

Tuition fees will be refunded to those who withdraw from a course as follows:

  • 1st week – .full refund
  • 2nd week – 90% of tuition
  • 3rd week – 75% of tuition
  • 4th week – 50% of tuition
  • 5th week – 25% of tuition
  • After 5th week – no refund

Payment plans

Students should plan on full payment of all fees at the beginning of each term or in equal installments by the end of the term. Requests for alternative payment arrangements must be approved by the treasurer of the seminary. The seminary does not desire that any student be forced to interrupt his study for financial reasons and will do what is possible in terms of payment schedules. From time to time, funds are available for student assistance. Inquiries for financial assistance should be made directly to the president of the seminary.