Geneva Reformed Seminary is pleased to begin offering online graduate and certificate credit . The courses are onscreen video format. GRS is using the Moodle Course Management System fo support the courseware.

The following courses are now available with more to be added in the very near future.

**2.5% Fee Assessed
  • OT600 Old Testament Introduction – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT601 Elementary Hebrew I – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT602 Elementary Hebrew II – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT611 Pentateuch – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT612 Historical Books – Dr. M. Allison
  • OT613 Psalms – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT614 Wisdom Books – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT616 Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT617 Minor Prophets – Dr. M. Barrett
  • OT701 Hebrew Exegesis - Dr. M. Barrett
  • CH601 Church History - D. Mook (End of May 2017)
  • CH602 Church Historty - Dr. M. Sidwell (End of May 2017)
  • CH605 Presbyterian History – Dr. M. Sidwell
  • NT612 John’s Gospel and Epistles - Dr. M. Allison
  • NT614 Romans and Galatians – Dr. M. Allison
  • NT617 Hebrews and General Epistles – Dr. M. Barrett
  • NT702 Introduction to Textual Criticism – Dr. M. Barrett
  • TH601 Theology Proper – Dr. M. Allison
  • TH602 Anthropology – Dr. M. Allison
  • TH603 Christology – Dr. M. Allison (End of May 2017)
  • TH609 Old Testament Theology – Dr. M. Barrett
  • TH611 Basic Hermeneutics – Dr. M. Barrett
  • PT602 Theory and Methods of Counseling – Dr. M. Allison
  • PT603 Practical Ecclesiology – Rev. D. Mook
  • PT604 Theory & Practice of Reformed Worship – Rev. D. Mook
  • PT607 Evangelism - Dr. M. Allison
  • PT610 Homiletics I – J. Wagner
  • PT613 Contemporary Issues - Dr. M. Allison

Online Student Handbook

Students logging on to Moodle click HERE or on the large orange “M”.