Course categories

Old Testament 
 Old Testament Introduction - OT 600Summary
 Elementary Hebrew I - OT 601Summary
 Elementary Hebrew II - OT 602Summary
 Pentateuch - OT 611Summary
 Historical Books - OT 612Summary
 Psalms - OT 613Summary
 Wisdom Books - OT 614Summary
 Isaiah - OT 615Summary
 Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel - OT 616Summary
 Minor Prophets - OT 617Summary
 Hebrew Exegesis I - OT 701Summary
 Hebrew Exegesis II - OT 702Summary
 Hebrew Exegesis III - OT 703Summary
 Biblical Aramaic - OT 704Summary
 Preaching Christ from the Old Testament - OT 710Summary
 Law and Gospel - OT711
New Testament 
 ACTS - NT 613 MercerSummary
 Elementary Greek - NT 500Summary
 Intermediate Greek - NT 501Summary
 New Testament Introduction - NT 600Summary
 Greek Exegesis I - NT 601Summary
 Greek Exegesis II - NT 602Summary
 Synoptic Gospels - NT 611Summary
 John’s Gospel and Epistles - NT 612Summary
 Romans and Galatians - NT 614Summary
 Corinthian Epistles - NT 615Summary
 Paul’s Shorter Epistles - NT 616Summary
 Hebrews and General Epistles - NT 617Summary
 Revelation - NT 618Summary
 Greek Exegesis III - NT 700Summary
 Greek Exegesis IV - NT 701Summary
 Textual Criticism NT 702
 Christology - TH603 AllisonThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Theology Proper - CH 601Summary
 Anthropology - TH602Summary
 Christology - TH 603Summary
 Soteriology - TH 604Summary
 Ecclesiology - TH 605Summary
 Eschatology - TH 606
 Old Testament Theology - TH 609Summary
 New Testament Theology - TH 610Summary
 Basic Hermeneutics - TH 611Summary
 Dispensationalism - TH612Summary
 Introduction to Apologetics - TH 613Summary
 Contemporary Theology - TH 614Summary
 Theological Systems - TH 615Summary
 The Westminster Standards - TH 616Summary
 Intro to Philosophy and Christian Thought - TH 617
Church History 
 Church History (CH602) -SidwellThis course requires an enrolment key
 CH601 - Church History - MookThis course requires an enrolment key
 Early Christianity - CH 601Summary
 Medieval Christianity - CH 602Summary
 Reformation Christianity - CH 603Summary
 Modern Christianity - CH 604Summary
 Presbyterian History - CH 605 - M. SidwellSummary
 The History of Revivals and Revivalism - CH 606Summary
 History of Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism - CH 607Summary
 John Calvin: His Life and Theology - CH 608Summary
Practical Theology 
 Pastoral Theology - PT 601Summary
 Theory and Methods of Counseling - PT 602Summary
 Practical Ecclesiology - PT 603Summary
 Theory and Practice of Reformed Worship - PT 604Summary
 Church Planting - PT 605Summary
 Ministry of Eldership - PT 606Summary
 Evangelism - PT 607Summary
 Principles of Discipleship - PT 608Summary
 Principles of Christian Leadership - PT 609Summary
 Homiletics I - PT 610Summary
 Homiletics II - PT 611Summary
 Homiletics III - PT 612Summary
 Contemporary Issues - PT613Summary
Special Courses 
 The World of the Old TestamentSummary
 400th Anniversary Celebration: The KJV—Its Tradition, Text, TranslationThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 World of the Old TestamentThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Moodle 101Summary